Animus Magnus Games

Tamás Ráki

Project manager

József Csirke

Game Designer

Animus Magnus Games was founded in 2021 by Tamás and József, with the aim of developing and publishing our board game ideas. Our goal is to create games that are both fun and challenge players with constant choices, while trying to improve familiar game mechanics a bit and show something new.

Tamás is the heart of the team, and he brings an incredible amount of energy and passion to the brainstorming and testing phases. Using his Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop skills to make not only the game, but our Kickstarter page beautiful and unique.

József is the mind of the team, with 15 years of experience as a boardgamer and 8 years of experience as a game designer. He designes the engine, mechanics and balances to keep it enjoyable. He has already created a board game (Bone to Pick) and has been a game designer for several mobile games (Disney: Spies in Disguise Agents on the Run; Guns Cars and Zombies; Ether Cards Battle Royal Card Game; My Town Mini World 3D). He has been making reviews and videos about board games, game design and kickstarter campaigns on his Hungarian YouTube channel (Game-Obscura).

Making and playing games is our passion and from this view we want to give you special in-game choices and unforgettable, great moments. We believe that with our games we can do it. The plural number is not a coincidence: depending on your support, we are planning to release more board games. For example big brother of this game Source, and a euro-type city-building game is also close to release. That’s why we’re asking for your support, so we can grow even bigger with you!



Zsófia Diósi

Campain Advisor

Viktor Csete

Board Game Builder

Of course, we wouldn’t be complete without an excellent support team.

BuzzKill is our illustrator, who has been working in the games industry for over 20 years, with comic book illustrations and graphics for numerous PC and mobile games, as well as the board game Bone to Pick. We love his arts.

Sophie is our campaign and social media manager and she has previously managed KS campaigns for Lycan Studio’s board games. Her communication skills and experience are a huge help to us in creating a real community.

Viktor is not only a great friend, he is also the best board game prototype builder in the world as far as we know. His premium quality work and over 15 years of experience make it possible for our Find the Source game to be produced in a physical copy. Earlier he has produced physical copies of games such as Anachrony, Perseverance, Septima, Voidfall, Dog Park, La Granja Master Deluxe Set, Rome & Roll, Nightmare Cathedral, The Defence of Procyon III, Ahau: Rulers of Yucatan. If you’ve watched the review videos during these Kickstarter campaigns, you’ve seen his prototypes.

So don’t worry, Find the Source is in the best of hands – at least we’re doing our best to make you feel the same way!

We would also like to express our special thanks to Balázs Bodnár for his great help with the colour variations, to our testing team who provided us with useful feedback early on in the game, and of course to our families who forgave us for all the hours we spent up late at night developing. We love you all!